Gloria is the founder of The Marriage Savers. She established the company in 2008 with the commitment to provide Calgary, AB the professional cleaning they need. She follows a cleaning process that produces above and beyond results. Her aim to help the community get a sparkling clean home and commercial space led her to share her knowledge and experience with a wider team to be able to serve the region. As of today, The Marriage Savers delivered outstanding cleaning services to hundreds of residents and businesses in Calgary and made their property clean like never before. 


Post-Construction is a lot different than regular home or business cleaning. It includes steps on handling a huge amount of debris from the construction work and preparing the area for a final cleaning of the property. Hugo is the expert in this field and handles this cleaning services part of The Marriage Savers. This allows home or business owners to enjoy their newly built or renovated space sooner without any hassle. Post-Construction cleaning demands a lot of work and someone who knows the job well makes it a lot easier. 

The Team

We, at the Marriage Savers team, comprises highly trained individuals who underwent a thorough background check. Gloria, being the company founder, understands the needs of the Calgary Community to have only trusted and efficient cleaners enter their property. That’s why she puts up our team that gives anyone the confidence of safe and professional cleaning services. Responsiveness to each client’s needs is the mainstay of our company values. When you feel the need to have someone to help you with the cleaning needs – there’s no doubt about hiring The Marriage Savers team.

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Did You Know?

According to a recent study, 25% of couples divorced because of disagreements in household duties. Maintaining a clean home is not easy, especially if you are busy taking care of the kids, running a business, or working hard for your expenses. Don’t let the cleaning task add to what’s stressing you – let’s take this load from you so you can have more time with your family. 

 The Marriage Savers team is ready to take action and make your home a happier place with a comfortable, safe, and clean living environment. Discover how we can make this happen!