Denovian Gardens

Devonian Gardens, located at CORE Shopping Center, 333 7 Ave SW 4th floor, Calgary, AB T2P 1B5, Canada, is a beautiful garden situated in the heart of downtown Calgary.  As with many of the high-quality attractions, you’ll find throughout Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Devonian Gardens go above and beyond the typical expectations of a botanical garden. This massive, 2.5-acre park is completely covered in glass and features a wide variety of tropical plants. It resides inside the popular Stephen Avenue pedestrian mall, on top of The Core Shopping Center. It’s oftentimes praised for being a calming, natural retreat within the bustle of downtown Calgary.

Devonian Gardens goes a long way to impress visitors with its luxurious atmosphere and a wide variety of features. It’s often described as one of the most impressive gardens in Calgary and can be a highlight experience for someone passing through Alberta, Canada. The gardens feature a living wall, fountains, a koi pond, and children’s play area, and a wide variety of more than 550 different trees. It was originally opened in 1977 and was donated to the city of Calgary at that time. The park was forced to close between 2008 and 2012 for a major renovation project that cost $37 million.

With high expectations, the Devonian Gardens does not disappoint visitors and reviews from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The first thing that many will praise is the quality of the presentation, as well as the massive variety of plant species to see. The sculptures and art on display are pleasing, and many say that it adds to the calming nature of the environment here. The nearby food court provides high-quality food, and many enjoy eating as they relax in the botanical garden. The koi ponds get an ample amount of praise as well, providing some entertainment for adults and children alike. All of this is on top of the botanical garden having free admission, which provides the perfect finish for a day of fun or shopping at the mall below it.

Of course, like with any public space, there’s always room for improvement, and visitors in Calgary, Alberta, Canada have voiced their issues with the Devonian Gardens. Some visitors who have visited the botanical gardens in the past feel as though the 2008 renovation removed some of the gardens’ natural charms. These complaints state the gardens feel too modernized and sophisticated compared to how they were before. Other complaints include disappointment at the lack of colorful plants and flowers.

While you might not go out of your way to visit the Devonian Gardens on their own merit, if you happen to have business in the Stephen Avenue pedestrian mall, the gardens are surely worth a few minutes of your time. Many long-time residents in Calgary, Alberta, Canada will say that the botanical gardens aren’t up to par with their former state, but it remains a high-quality attraction that’s free of charge. With that in mind, it’s easy to say you’ll have a good time at the Devonian Gardens and will find it an excellent place to eat, relax or enjoy a book.