So, I was getting a little desperate Between recovering from long-term oral chemotherapy, a broken rib and a bone in my knee, there was no way I was cleaning my apartment, and no one was available to help. It was time to hire a cleaner, regardless of the cost, Gloria’s company. The Marriage Savers Cleaning, volunteering through as American-based charity called Cleaning for a Reason, had cleaned my apartment a few times in the past when I was going through intravenous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and I remembered her kindness, the discreatness of her cleaners and the fantastic job they did. So, I called her to discuss her fees and hopefully hire her company for two hours of basic cleaning. However, Gloria had another idea. She told me of her company’s new program for people struggling to keep their homes clean while ill and offered me six hours(three cleaners for two hours) of free cleaning. Five days later, I became the first client of The Marriage Savers Cleaning’s new program. What a major relief having six hours of cleaning when I was in so much need of help. Now, a week later, I am still walking around and getting a little giddy over my house being so clean. I’m also finding it so much easier to keep it clean even after a visit from my grandchildren. I doubt I would have even had them over if it weren’t for Gloria and her team, who once again were kind and discreat. They came and quietly cleaned while I laid on the couch doing what I was supposed to be doing: resting and recovering. Then they were at the door saying goodbye. Simple. No hassle. No sales pitch. Definitely no half a job because it’s free. I got up to start looking around and was amazed at how clean everything was. That was when the giddiness first began. Just a feeling of joy over having a clean house again. I am so grateful to Gloria and her team for such a wonderful gift.