House Checking

House Checking Service

We take the worry away from you being away from home. We will check your home for damage, pick up your mail and flyers, ensure you are covered by your home insurance, water your plants, and even feed and love your pets.

All of our cleaners are fully trained, bonded and insured.

Included in our Home Security Checks:
  • A complete walk-through of the house.
  • Turning on and off lights.
  • Opening and closing blinds.
  • Bringing in the mail and mail forwarding.
  • Documentation summarizing the visit.
  • Full run of your plumbing and Flush toilets.
  • Monitoring of all appliances, including: Water heaters, Furnaces, Air conditioners.
  • Newspaper and flyer collection.
  • Radio and TV turned on/off.
  • Verify all windows and doors are secured.
  • Visual inspection of each room for water damage, mould, leaks or damage.
  • Provide a written log of each time visited.
  • Bring in any packages.
  • Watering of plants (if less than 15 min).
  • Adjust temperature upon your return.
  • Security & Alarm System Check.
  • Check that all doors and windows are locked and secure.
  • Monthly email summarizing status of home.
  • Check home exterior for damage or potential issues.
  • Put out and remove garbage cans.
  • Check outdoor faucets for leakage.
Additional Services:
  • Extreme storm, hail home checks.
  • First response for alarm triggers.
  • Larger number of indoor plants for watering.
  • Watering of outdoor plants (seasonal).
  • Third party appointments – access & lock up.
  • Monthly car start.
  • Snow removal from front door.
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