Heritage Park

Heritage Park, located at 1900 Heritage Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X3, Canada, is a great museum that’s unlike any you’ve ever seen before. You can’t go anywhere and find an attraction like Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. That’s partly because Heritage Park Historical Village is the second largest living history museum in all of Canada! This impressive museum recreates historical life in the area by featuring a collection of historic buildings, both transported and recreated, as well as real historical artifacts and other exhibits that date back to the 1860s.

Heritage Park originally started July 1st, 1964, and has had a long history of success since then, with a major expansion that occurred in March of 2009. It’s become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is well liked by both locals and visitors to the area. Heritage Park Historical Village displays 4 distinct eras of historical life on its 127 acres of land, which includes the Hudson’s Bay Company Fur Trading Fort, the Pre-Railway Settlement Village, the Railway Prairie Town, and Heritage Town Square, which reflects 1864, 1880, 1910 and the 1920’s respectively.

There are well over 100 different exhibits on display at the massive Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This includes: horse-drawn wagons, a steam locomotive passenger train, the 1913 Little Synagogue on the Prairie, a roundhouse that houses railway equipment, an aboriginal encampment, and numerous other displays, exhibits and amenities. The depth of the recreations at Heritage Park Historical Village are a major part of what makes the living museum so impressive, especially for their scale and attention to detail.

Real visitors and reviewers from Calgary, Alberta have an overwhelmingly positive view of Heritage Park, making it no wonder why it’s one of the most popular living museums in Canada. Because of the amount of displays and exhibits at the Heritage Park Historical Village, many reviewers recommend their annual pass, which presents a lot of value for the price. The guides are described as being extremely polite, and well educated; able to tell you about every detail of the various intricacies of the park and the history it represents. Once inside, almost everything is free with the exception of food, though visitors say the food is often fairly priced as well. The historical attractions have a broad appeal making it great for families, as there are displays that cater to both the interests of adults and children. The park is also said to be very clean, which includes having clean and safe bathrooms.

There aren’t many negative qualities worth discussing at Heritage Park, although some visitors from Calgary, Alberta, Canada have found room for improvement. A common complaint is that while the food is cheap, some visitors found the quality to be somewhat insufficient. Another common complaint is that portions of the museum are sometimes closed while others remain open, which is often frustrating to unaware guests. Both of these complaints are rather minor however, and the museum even allows you to bring your own food in regards to the former issue. As such, it’s safe to say you can expect good quality for your time and money at Heritage Park Historical Village.