Princess Island Park

Located at 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5N4, Canada, Prince’s Island Park is one of the nicest parks in Calgary, AB. Calgary is known for the amount of beautiful scenery that resides there, some might even call it one of the most scenic cities in Alberta Canada. While the city itself and its amazing architecture is something to behold, there’s also natural beauty to be found in Calgary’s parks, such as Prince’s Island Park. This massive, highly regarded park dates back to the middle of the 20th century and has entertained locals for decades with the number of activities that the park supports. Here’s everything you need to know about the park, and what you can expect from a visit to it.

Prince’s Island Park has its origins dating back to 1947 when Peter Anthony Prince donated the land which he owned along the Bow River to the city of Calgary. The city turned the land into a public park and named it in honor of the Prince. The island that the land resides on is a massive 20 hectares and has since been developed to feature a good number of amenities for visitors. The western end of the island features a natural wetland environment that is perfectly suited for the mallard ducks and Canada geese that you will often find there.

Today, the park is admired and loved by many locals from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Prince’s Island Park surprises many with its natural and scenic environment despite being so close to downtown Calgary. The park is very calming, clean, and pleasant thanks to its routine maintenance and the ample amount of shade trees that provide comfort to visitors. There are enough benches and tables that you can always find a spot to relax or have a picnic, even during the park’s busy hours. There’s also a playground for children, a stage, a soccer field, and various nature trails for walking and exercise.

It should be said that Prince’s Island Park is very popular and well-liked by almost everyone who visits it, and is especially popular with local visitors from Calgary, AB, Canada. Still, it has small problems like every park that should be noted. As you walk along some of the nature trails near the Bow River, it’s more common to find bits of litter and trash that have yet to be cleaned up. As well, some visitors find the Canada geese that are common to the park to be a nuisance, both because of the droppings they leave, and for their aggressive behavior.

With that said, Prince’s Island Park is often regarded as one of the best parks to visit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The negative elements are minute, while most visitors are impressed by the positives provided by the park in such a busy urban environment. Inside the park, you can almost completely escape the city, while still keeping the convenience of the city just minutes away. For most plans and activities, you can’t go wrong at Prince’s Island Park, and it’s a highly recommended place in the Calgary area.